FearFighter is the Leading Online Program for Panic and Phobias

FearFighter™ is a NICE approved, evidence-based online program for panic and phobia. The program teaches users how to confront and change their thoughts and challenge avoidance behaviors that characterize panic and phobia. Users can print out worksheets for activities, monitor progress, and receive emails with further tips at the end of each step.

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FearFighter is an effective means of panic and phobia therapy

24/7 Available Access 100%
Reduce time in therapy by 80%
Financial savings up to 50%
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Completely Online

FearFighter™ is available anywhere you have Internet connection: the cafe, library, at home or at the office

Work at your own pace

Each of the sessions can be stopped and started at any point, giving you the ultimate flexibility

With or without a practitioner

FearFighter™ can be complimented with a practionar, but it is not essential

Proven evidence-based methods

FearFighter™ is backed by per-reviewed, evidence- based methods that result in genuine improvements


  • Printable Worksheets
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Emails at the end of each step


  • Everything in Silver
  • 60 Minutes of Coaching
  • Clinician support


  • Purchase all CCBT Programs
  • FearFighter: Panic & Phobia
  • Healthy Lifestyles Program (HLP): Smoking, Dieting, and Healthy Living
  • OCFighter: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Restore: Insomnia
  • Shade: Addiction with Depression
  • *Platinum does not include one-on-one therapy

Please review the System Requirements before making your purchase.